Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12 new paintings in one collection

Since the new year, I have been creating a "collection" that I estimate will involve at least 12 paintings. The paintings range in size from 6"x8" to 24"x36" so far.  I may do some triptychs as well [a scene painted on a few attached panels then individually framed.   All are being created plein-air on one of CA's oldest original orchard farms.  The houses are being moved or sold off while I assume the worst of them will be raised for a much needed creation of an entire new community with schools, parks, play fields, entertainment venues, shopping, a college, housing for all from teachers to "techies".  It is a joy to see a totally green project being done right, and the community is excited about it finally happening for sure.  Everyone has had a hand in what is being created.  I have decided to paint the buildings as they have stood for so many years as a painted record, even though professional photos are being shot, paintings are different and I hope reflect a bit more.  I will post the collection when it is completed.  I am hoping for an exhibition in the town for the community to enjoy.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas time fun stuff...for cat owners on your list?

I have a cat in my painting studio to
keep me company.  I discovered this 
 great gift for cat people who may love the cat 
but don't want their furniture or rugs clawed up.  One burst of SssCat and 
the cat learns not to go near whatever again!  Instant training for my cat so when he wonders out of my studio I know he won't be chewing up the new sofa in the living room.  Check it out then buy it online at or call the nice lady at 1 800 732 2677

This is what you need - the complete unit includes the can
of compressed air [no chemicals], and the photo cell attachment
that triggers the can to let loose with a blast of air when the cat gets close or passes by.\ 

The SSSCat in place and turned on with the easy
switch in the back of the photo cell unit that you
mount to the can after you add the 4 batteries [not included]

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A "No Win" I guess...

I can't seem to please my favorite critic on this one.   I created it for the upcoming Glendale Art Association Christmas Salon based loosely on a 1903 illustration from a children's book. The original had no cat, no Santa, and the child was in "period" PJ's and a diaper.  So, side by side they look nothing alike except the situation.  Unless I can do something wit it - and I have no clue what - I guess it won't make the show.  What do you think?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Exhibition & SALE at the Will Rogers Estate...

The most beautiful southern California Sunday at the most beautiful example of CA living at The Will Rogers Estate in Los Angeles, just off Sunset Blvd. & so close to the beach.  A 30's period band, birthday cupcakes and an art show all in celebration of Will's birthday. Great that many of my paintings found new homes to go to.  I have posted remaining paintings and new ones on my fine art sale site at  Also search for Bob Raser on ETSY.

Plein air Bob in front of one of his displays at The Will Rogers Exhibition.

Mrs. Plein air Bob - Caroline, helps the Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mts & Seashore as well as handle the sales for the artist.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Set up for a sunny morning paint out...

The King Gillette Ranch is a neat CA State Park and a favorite to local painters.  Thi swas my "bright sun" unbrella set up as i banged out a 90 minute 6x8 this past weekend.  The unbrella is just you basic light weight beach type.  I made a PVC base that comes apart and holds together really well.  To keep it from blowing over I use 2 10 lbs sand bags i picked up at a Hollywood lighting shop.  Works great as you can see.   

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So what do you do with all those paintings...?

If you're CA plein-air super-painter TIM HORN you don't have a problem.  Storing paintings is a pain for most artists for sure, but in a former life TH was a fine art wood furniture designer and maker.  He knows how to build stuff and this is Tim's custom cabinet he designed for his studio storage area.  I wish it were a kit so I could finally find a way to store all my work as easily and as organized as Tim.  Thanks for lunch Tim - and the tour.  Great art all over as Tim is packing up selections for his upcoming one man ahow at The Knowlton Gallery in Lodi, CA in early October.  Get the details at  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The "Best Brella" really is!

Lots of painter pals and new to my Blog or Face Book [Bob Raser Art] followers are always hunting for the perfect umbrella.  If you do plein air like I do, and you are in a sunny part of the world like I am most of the time, you have to have a sturdy, easy to tote, solid umbrella. The Best Brella seen here at the famous Monhegan Light House location was the most popular umbrella at the recent Tim Horn Monhegan Island workshop I enjoyed, and it proved to be the best brella investment I have made - and I have invested in lots of them. You can order yours now from inventor/painter Pat Kellner at - or call her at 310 944 5873   Nope, I paid for mine, it wasn't a freebee - and it was worth every penny.  Thanks PK!!